ladies, how do u want your guy to dress as casual? 25+?

i'm getting older and i have a feeling i should change my casual dress to more of a "professional" or "always dressed" kind of style. i like my hip hop shirts with just right sized pants and clean sneakers. I'm gonna be 27 next week =/ should i trade in my current look for polo shirts and long sleeves with nice pants and loafers? does the job need to match the style?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm 25 and I refuse to "dress my age".

    If I'm at work, I'll dress smart, but for casual days I'll never part with my jeans, tees and converse.
    Fuck society and its expectations, I do what I want! /Cartman's voice.

    • a big part of my style is laid back hip hop. i.e. tshirts and sneakers. i can dress them up or down. cartman ftw. although i'm more of a stan lol

    • I think one should dress how they like, but take their surroundings into account.

      If I live till 60, I'll still be rocking my current look. Fuck old ladies dresses.

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  • i like preppy

  • I would say dress the way you like. If someone really likes you then it's not going to be because of the way you dress.

    Please answer mine?

  • Jeans are fine. Go with simple plain tshirts or jumpers. Ditch the big chunky sneakers for simple shoes brown or black would be best.


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