I'm too skinny for shorts or any summer clothing..?

I hate wearing shorts and tee's and tanks because I look so thin that I look like I am going to break. I'd rather not leave the house but I have to because I have classes to go to and people to see and just a lot of stuff that I have to do. I feel to frail in bathing suits, so I actually spent last summer in the house most of the time..

I am 17 years old, I weigh 110 pounds and I'm 5'6. I have thin legs and I have no curves. My boyfriends mom always says I look gross and I need to gain 15 pounds..
I really wanted to start wearing shorts since its summer and its hot outside and I was in the gym trying to get a fuller body but it all failed..


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  • How are we supposed to tell you anything about your visual appearance without a visual example? We have no idea what you look like in shorts , so I don't know but probably not


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  • You are thin considering you are 5'6" tall. I understand you need a diet for this situation. Maybe you are lacking some calories and protein and a bit of exercise. Would you like to try this link?



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  • Can't tell without a pic but you don't sound too skinny.


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