How to get a light tan without being a jackass about it?

Okay so I'm white AF. Like, I'm so pale that if you put me up against a school wall I would blend in.

Anyways, as football over summers has proven, I do have the ability to tan. However, it is very slow. I want to have just a light tan all around my body so that my skin isn't a mix of sour cream and red spots. My plan is to swim every day for about an hour outside while wearing really good sunscreen all over. My mom said I shouldn't get burned or get melanoma as long as I wear good thick sunscreen and limit my time in the water. However, she said it would take a bit of time to get tan.

Does this sound like a good idea to you guys?


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  • your natural colour is beautiful. enjoy it while you're young.


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  • You might get some color doing that. You could also apply a light self tanner. There are some really good ones now days that look very natural.


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