Do you like guys that look younger?

I've been told I'm a good looking guy, but there is a catch. I am 22 and genuinely look 16.

Is that essentially a huge turn off to a girl? I know some guys have that insane masculine "I will destroy anything in site' look and I look more like I'm still in my late teens.
I've been told over, and over, and over, that this picture looks identical to me, but since I'm younger looking my jawlines/cheek bones aren't in their final stages.
Last link didn't work, but I look nearly IDENTICAL to this, but a tad bit younger, a little less developed?


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  • I don't think it's a turn off. And when you're older that will be a huge advantage to you because all of the other guys will start to look old, but you'll still look young and attractive! (: so even if you don't get all of the girls now ( I don't know why you wouldn't!!) You'll definitely get them all later! (;

    • I agree.. At first I hated this (still kinda do) but I'm 29 and I have the face of a 22 year old.. I look at guys my age and it's just like wow.. (I never tell them) but they look really old in the face.. Now on the other hand I feel it's a turn off for women near my age.

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    • What a kind comment, very cool of you ! !

    • Well I get asked all of the time if I'm 4-5 years older than I really am, so if I was in your position it would suck for a little bit, but as you get a little older, it really shouldn't matter (: My dad looks younger than he really is, and my mom has no problem with it. Same goes with a lot of my friends parents. So it's not uncommon what you're going through!

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  • Uhm no. Mainly because I like women


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  • it's cute, i honestly can't think of a downside to it.

  • I don't see it as a turn off at all. I'm in the same situation kind of, I'm 19 but my face looks like I'm 12... For now its kind of hard because you look young but in a few years it will start to pay off. I don't see how girls could see that as a turn off at all. I think its pretty cute. Not like a puppies cute but like cute hot? If that makes sense haha.

  • Younger than me? nah


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