Ladies i need your opinions on this type of body?

Do you find it attractive or it isn't a good sight? Is this body ok or it needs more improvements?


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  • No! Absolutely not. You have a hot body. If you want to sure, go out and work out, but that doesn't mean you need it to get a better body. It'd just be for you personally wanting to be in better shape, but honestly I don't think you need to go and work out and change. You look great (:

    • A one pack is enough?

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    • Thank you i guess i gotta need that little bit of chest muscles..

    • If you want more muscle go for it (: don't let what others think of you be the reason why though!

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  • Goodness I look worse. Is that a swiffer mop in the background? I like a man who knows how to clean.


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