Always the cute innocent one...

Guys always think I am "so adorable!" or "so cute!", because I'm shy (not like hardcore shy but shy enough) and I am very innocent, smart and can be one of the guys. So if guys like me so much why is it that I can't be the girlfriend type? It seems like guys just want the girls that put out :(


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  • Well those guys sound like your typical male. Girls like you are hard to find for guys like me haha, cause you certainly sound like the girlfriend type.

    Those guys are just looking for an easy lay probably, you wouldn't want them anyway. Just don't give up, I'm sure a decent guy will realize how awesome you are.


    • "Well those guys sound like your typical male."

      I can just imagine all the guys who have told me the stereotypes aren't true, haha

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    • Thank you for those words of comfort lol

      I guess it's up to girls to have values and err on the side of caution when it comes to guys.

    • Lol yeah that sounds like a good idea. It's easy to tell though if all they want is sex. All you gotta do is make them wait a month or two, the ones who just want sex won't generally wait that long.

      Oh no! I'm giving away all of our secrets! lol

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  • Story of my life! lol

    I know how you feel, and I can't explain it either. I can be fun to hang out with, but it never seems to go beyond that. I accept blame for the fact that I'm slightly oblivious to flirting, but I don't think that makes me completely unappealing...not being the girl who puts out might not help though :\

    But I would rather be by myself than with a douche who just wants sex.

  • maybe you have that cute younger sister vibe...u know that vibe where a guy can tell you nething without the goal of making you more then his friend. I

  • welcome to my life too!

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