An honest opinion of my toolishness?

I was out and about, being me, enjoying the sunshine. I was in the library of my college.

So i'm sitting there and a chick who I sort of know looked at me and said "no offense, but you know that shirt makes you look kinda like a tool"

Of course i was gravely offended and when I got home i cried myself to sleep. But when i was done crying i began to wonder, is she right? Am i a tool because of what I wear? I always thought it was personality that mattered.

But alas, I must be mistaken. She's a smart girl and I'm an idiot. So she must be right. I'm looking for more opinions. I was wearing this shirt

I have other bits of clothing from this brand and similar ones. So must i burn them? It's expensive to buy clothes. But if it's necessary to escape tool-hood i will do it?

How toolish am I?


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  • I'm tempted to assume this is a troll, but I'll give an honest answer anyway...

    No, what you wear does not make you a tool. It depends on your personality. HOWEVER, what you choose to wear can often be a reflection of your personality. I'm not saying this is the case for you, I'm just saying it's possible.

    Also, are you sure that girl wasn't just joking around?

    • I'm sure. She wasn't being mean. she was trying to look out for me i suppose, pointing out that in case i hadn't noticed, i looked like an idiot.
      How does this sound like a troll in anyway?
      The question really is. Is this toolish clothing?

    • just the way the whole description is worded, there are guys on this site who would write a question like this just for laughs. But anyway...
      I'm not a fan of that shirt, but I'm not the type that would automatically judge someone based on what they wear. If you were wearing that and acting like a tool, then I would have a bad first impression of you.
      I guess she's just looking out for you because she doesn't want people to assume you're a tool based on your clothing. Which must mean that she doesn't actually think you are a tool, because if you already acted like one then your appearance wouldn't matter.
      If you like what you wear then there's no need to buy new clothing. I always think people should dress for themselves, not anyone else. However, if people are going to make fun of you which is going to upset you, then I would say tone it down. But if she's the only one who commented on your outfit, then don't worry about it.

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  • Do you do any kind of MMA or some sort of combat sport?

    • Boxing. Not seriously though. Just for fitness.

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  • nah man, what even is a tool. you're fine. you're right, personality is what counts, not what you wear. she was dumb.

  • That thing is pretty vile, but she was a hoe


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