Have you ever designed your own home?

How did you go about it?
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  • I used to work in the home building industry. I was also a draftsman. As a sideline I've drawn and modified plans, but never designed a house from scratch.

    With the number of plans out there, I don't see a good reason to design one from scratch unless you have very specific tastes or don't want the bother of going through hundreds of plans finding the one you want.

    I think it's best to look at existing homes and find something close to what you like. Then see if you can get the plans, take pictures to give to a draftsman, modify them, etc. I say this because seeing a house fully built can be very different than how it looks on the plans.

    Even a professional can't easily do that unless the house resembles something they are familiar with. It's especially difficult to get a good feel for space and size. For example a 2000 sq ft house can "feel" bigger than a 3000 sq ft house.

    Another option is to buy an existing house, then remodel or add additions.

    As far as appearance, you can completely change the appearance and apparent size of a house by changing the roof lines, adding a cover over porches, or adding things like dormers. Inside, you can change it to an open beam ceiling, add coffers, combine rooms to make a great room, or split a large room to add more rooms.

    • Designing from scratch with an experienced licensed residential architect often costs the same & takes less time these days than extensive plan searches + fees. This avoids falling into the rut of always having to shoehorn your lifestyle into someone else's idea of a Plan. Get the best, then moving up may become less often - if at all.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I haven't but thats a dream


What Guys Said 4

  • Not realistically. I have designed homes in a game called "The Sims", but that's it. I do want to draw my own home but I just don't know what I really want. It requires a lot of thinking. I just don't have the time for that I guess.

  • I used to play The Sims and minecraft if that counts?

    • A real house, please... close but no cigar... but funny

    • Lego in that case!

      In fact now I think about it I did do work experience in architecture around 5-6 years ago as well as some engineering projects using some 3d mapping software around about the same time.

      Nothing 'proper' though.

  • Yes, I have. When I had a house built, I started with some home plans and modified them to my liking. Then I picked all the colors, the hardwood floors (that was my fav, the floors were gorgeous, they were acacia. All different colors you can imagine and designs, beautiful). Turned out very, very nice. Made a gigantic basement for a man cave. Had a 72" Tv and a gun room that was about 50% larger than the master bedroom. I even designed it with a walk-in closet as big as a small bedroom. (That was to attract a lady. I was single at the time lol).

  • 3ds max. Many times, then turned it into a UT3 level, hand it out to my brother then we shoot the crap out of each other in it.

    Good times.


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