A question for guys..would you like to have Asian-guy characteristics?

Personally i'd kill to have those characteristics...hairless body, less possibilities of having a male-pattern baldness and having a small body. I guess they are the most feminine guys in the world and that's why i'd like to look like them. ok i'm not fond of those eyes of them but all the other good characteristics can make up for it


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  • haha well I have those characteristics. I am pretty hairless I don't even have any on my arms, legs, back, or fingers except for tiny bits. I don't have facial hair except a tuft of hair that will look like this if I grow it out: https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/725449
    I am shorter than probably most white guys and black guys but I'm not short.
    My eyes are pretty big for an Asian I think but we have a fold of skin called the epicanthal fold: maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/.../...ucasian.html

    This provides some cool info.

    Anyway I like being Asian wouldn't change it for anything not even eternal life or endless wealth


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  • Really they have less male pattern baldness? That is awesome.

    • yep...it's rarer among the Asian population. It seems those guys are blessed with much more luck than Caucasians.

  • Nope, happy, tall, white guy, no baldness fear here and my hair is too thick and grows too fast right now lol.

  • I already have a small frame. I wouldn't want the eyes. I'm happy the way I am.


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