Thongs, too sexual for my age?

I know this might be unsuitable for my age and all, but nearly everyone in my school has thongs, including my best friend. When ever were getting changed for P.E all I see is thongs, I just can't help but look because their just in my face the whole time. They look nice and give a plumper look to your bum, but my mum doesn't want me having one. She thinks their to sexual for my age.

The other day I was in queensgate and I saw a cute bra and pants, and since I needed some new underwear I bought them. When I came home my parents asked what I had got and my mum did not like the fact that I had got a 'lacy bra and pants' when it was hardly lacy and not nearly as sexual as other girls underwear I had seen in my year


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  • i love sexy lingerie too..maybe your mom is not used to such type of lingerie, old are you babe?

    • My mum is one of those really bad people who don't know about fashion AT ALL, she like to do her clothes shopping at Tesco's... I refuse to :/ This might sound weird but I'm 14

    • she's just consevative...don't blame her

    • thanks for MH

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  • I can't say anything on this because I was wearing thongs and g-strings when I was 13.

  • When I was 14 all the girls were wearing thongs so I dont see the problem!

  • Wear whatever's comfortable man.


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  • I agree with your mom. Way too sexual for your age. There is no reason for you to be wearing sexy undies right least not to me...if you were my kid, i would explain to you that it's just a bit too soon to be wearing things like that- you aren't mature enough. And you shoul not be swayed by why others are doing. The people around you will always be doing stupid things- you don't need to join in.

  • Lol...I'm 30 and my mom noticed I was wearing a thong and she went through the roof and demanded I change and claimed the only reason people wear them is if they want another person to see it...

    No...I don't think you are too young...I don't understand what the big deal's just underwear...people make it sexual if they want to...they are much more comfortable in my opinion...and no lines show when wearing things like yoga pants...I'd never go back to any other kind.

  • If she's able to say they're "too sexual for your age" you're also to young to be having your body sexualized. It also depends on the reason you're wearing them whether you should or not

    • When I say having your body sexualized I mean that it doesn't matter what you wear people shouldn't view it as something sexual

    • I'm 15 (16 in Like 2 months but still), and I say that a person should wear whatever makes them feel good about themselves. You won't see me in any plain underwear because I love that feeling I get when I feel I look hot in my underwear. Its not for anyone else but rather its for me and only me.

  • Sexy bras and thongs are usually worn to arouse men.
    I can see why your Mom is considered.
    She doesn't want you having sex any time soon.

    I know a lot of people are saying you are too young, but I don't think so.
    You are not a little girl any more...every year you are getting closer to "of age",
    and at this point you are growing into a young woman.

    I think it's only natural that you would want those things.
    Just be sure you're getting it because you like it not because all of the other girls are wearing it.

    • mom is concerned I meant

  • They don't give a plumper look at all, they're just good for not having any panty line.
    Sounds like times haven't changed, the slutty girls are still making sure everyone can see their underwear.
    You don't seem to know what things are good for, just that the trashy girls have them. Nobody else should know you're wearing one.

  • What is the question?

    • My question is, how can I persuade my mum to let me have one?

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    • Haha so your saying I should but one and hide it from them?

    • Buy*

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