Makeup: is it supposed to make you look younger or more sophisticated (older)?

Am not sure if I'm good or bad at putting on makeup haha. I wear it very rarely, only at special events, and I always assumed it made you look older - but a few friends yesterday told me I could pass for 19. (I'm 26. I usually get about 22-23.) Am not sure what to think of that.

I thought the point of makeup was to look sexy/sophisticated? Then again I never considered that it's also supposed to make you more youthful...I always associate sophisticated with maturity/being older though? Thoughts?

(It feels weird to be told that my attempt at looking sophisticated made me look even younger. Am not complaining about looking younger thank God. )


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  • It depends perhaps on the application, amount and make up itself I think. Usually putting make up on at a young age makes you look older and applying it when you're older (albeit appropriate to your age lol) makes you look younger. If you have a baby face though make up can make you look younger, enhancing your eyes to make them look bigger and more youthful and adding blush to your cheeks can make you look more baby-like. I'm 22 and I passed for a 14 year old WITH make up lol beat that :P

    I have to remind myself when I got put onto a 'kid speed' ride Disney that I won't be complaining when I'm older... >.<

    • So basically makeup consistently makes you look 21 lol (just kidding). I basically only ever put on eye makeup, don't bother with the rest (can't apply blush anyway, never learned how to do it properly).
      Wow, 14?

    • lol pretty much! Eye make up I always think makes people look much older than they are at a young age, but if you don't put much make up on then you're not going to look drastically different I suppose. I used to hate applying blush cos I made it look like I'd just got bitch slapped haha.

      Baby faces are good because they don't age so you won't have to worry when you're older! :)

      Yeah :( sucks doesn't it lol

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  • I think it makes one look "more culturally acceptably presentable", aka "prettier".

    I also think it tends to look bad on everyone, and I hate everything that messes with the natural way eyes look, which includes eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. But without those, lipsticks look completely off-key, so I dislike those as well. Personal preference, but I stand by it.

    • Is prettier, to you, younger or more sophisticated? I just realized that there's an oxymoron here: a lot of people want to look younger but sexy/sophisticated=older (in my head). Either that or younger=sexy but sexy=sophisticated (to me) and sophisticated=older...therefore failure of logic haha.
      Idk. I guess you can be sexy w/out looking sophisticated too. Am thinking too much.

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    • Not *that* fancy (not black tie) but a nice graduation dinner - people were wearing dress shirts and stuff. And it probably does differ by age.

    • It depends on the event for which it applies the most, I guess. I really don't like makeup, though, as mentioned above.

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  • It depends on the look that you are going for. Some prefer looking older, others younger. It's all in the application of it. Go to a make up counter and you could have an artist work with you on making you look more your age if you'd like.
    You might also just have a young face, which can be a great thing too. Again, a make up artist can help with that.

    • I do have a young face and am finally ok with that thank God. It used to bother me but not anymore.
      I went to one once. I guess I just have a bit of a baby face. And thanks for the help by the way :)

    • I go about once every year or 2 years to learn about new products and because your skin changes about every seven. Also it helps to learn new tips and tricks so that you can change up your look at will instead of being stuck with the same 2 looks.
      I wish I had a younger face but between that and hitting puberty so much quicker than most of my friends most people always tacked ten years on. At 13 they thought I was at least 20. Finally at 20 people are now only assuming that I at most am 22/23. I'd rather look younger than like a old bag of wrinkles well before my time. It is what it is.

  • I use make up to enhance my best features, to take the focus off my so not good features. That is what i believe make up is for, its not to hide your natural beauty or to try to look younger (but is a bonus, im 25 and people think im 16!! And i just do eyeliner and chapstick!!!) Some people abuse make up n try to use it to look younger but it ages them!! So it all depends on how you apply it, how much, and what are you using it for? The main reason i dont is 1 i dont need it and 2 use make up too much it clogs pores.

    • I don't use it much at all, eye makeup only for some special events (occasionally lip gloss/nail polish as well). And wow 16?

    • Yea, it shocks me too, cause when i was 16 people thought i was 25 lol, but mainly because i had 3 kids and with my 4th now.

  • Make-up is suppose to make you look like a "better you"
    I don't know about younger though. That's genes xD


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