Always wanting just sex?

For a very long time now I have been trying to get guy friends. But every time I get one they always start talking to me about sex,phone sex , nude on cam EVEN WHEN I TELL THEM I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND EVEN WHEN THEY ALREADY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND ALSO. What am I doing wrong? why do they keep doing this to me?And how can I prevent this from happening. I don't even dress no where hoochy. not like sex appeal is a bad thing but I just want to make friends and look like myself at the same time without having to make myself look uglier.


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  • no offense but you sounds a bit full of yourself, maybe I'm mistaken though.

    First off though if you want to learn this lesson easy then believe me, if not then learn your way.. I'm a very soft spoken guy, and I tend to be rather choosey when it comes to women to flirt/date/ make advances to (keep in mind most guys don't give a hoot). I (as a guy) make friendships with people I LIKE, + moreover if I befriend a girl whom I find really attractive, the next logical step for me is to make advances: because I am 1-Already her friend (mental connection) 2-possibly emotional connection 3-Already attracted to her.

    Women on the other hand psychologically are more willing to seek emotional connections (as friends); and in a man friend they see the possibility for a different sort of emotional (friendship connection). Men suck at seeking emotional connections; that's why when we find a good friend in a woman we want all of this friend.. I.e. dating/sex/partner/etc.

    Unless you just think they're your friend and they are just trying to get p*ssy~!

    Take it as a compliment, but just realize 96-99.9% of men can't handle being good friends with a woman they are attracted to.

    Easy way to avoid this- Hang out as couples.


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  • well if you dress like in the picture in your profile it makes you seem like a sex just cover up a bit more


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  • Change your picture and then we'll talk about it.

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