Help on bra size? My band is 28" and my bust is 35"?

I have been told from various sources that my bra size is somewhere between 34B and 32E which has led to a ton of confusion. Any help?


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  • You can do it yourself. But what would be best is to go into a department store like Macy's, Dillard's, JC Penny especially, Victorias Secret ( you don't need to buy VS bra if it's not in your budget) and ask if you can get fitted for a bra. It's simple and also make sure that when you wear a bra that you wear it properly with no breasts exposed or smothered by the cup size and that the band isn't too small. When you hook the bra make sure that the the bra is hooked in the middle and it's not too tight, adjust the straps also for a perfect fit.


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  • its simple..go to an underwear store and seek help from the salesgirl if you are still confused

  • Try on different bras and don't bother with the sizing calculators.
    My guess would be 32D or 32DD.
    I'd try on those two sizes and 34C and 34DD. It's most likely one of those.


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