Ladies, do you know any good petite online clothing ranges?

For ages now I've been fitting into children's sizes but I have a curvy figure and girls clothes aren't designed to fit round boobs and hips.

The only adult store I find isn't too bad is Miss Selfridge but I hate their clothes. I know of boohoo which does petite sizes but again it's not all my style.

Do you know of any good online ranges I can try? Thank you! :)


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  • Have you tried some Asian whole sellers? Or even Asian sellers on amazon? Usually the one size clothes fit me quite well, while a lot of US sizes are too big for me too. And their small and medium are smaller too

    On the downside, shipping can be quite expensive and takes a while

    • I brought a vest top off a Japanese woman once at a market which fit perfectly everywhere, I went back another time and she wasn't there though. I don't mind the shipping, I just need stuff that fits haha. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

    • Ya same here, I bought some gorgeous dresses there, some of the stuff is a bit childish, but I love most

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  • Maybe give the anthropologie petite clothes a try

    • I just looked at their site, looks like more my kind of thing. Thank you! :)

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