Is it possible to slow down facial hair growth?

i'm just bored by the fact that i have to shave every 2 days or so.


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  • apply isoflavones (found in soy) topically. there are skincare products that contain this ingredient. non-astringent toner. splash it on after washing ur face like aftershave.


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  • Chemical treatments and skincare products for that kind of thing are usually useless. I don't think you can "slow down" your facial hair growth... a little hair is cute tho, why do you shave it off constantly? :P

    Whatever rocks your boat :)

    • I'm only 23 y.o. having facial hair is ridiculous...i'm not an old geezer you know. that's why i have to save it off constantly. and i don't think it's can make you look more savage

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    • not at all but sure is stingy...i prefer clean face.

    • Whatever rocks your boat! :)

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