Cool ideas for men's prom suit?

I have some sort of prom coming up in a while, I believe its called leavers day in the US. I already have a date ;)

But I'd like to stand out from the pack and add some extra style/flavor to my attire as compared to all the standard boring tuxedos.

Any ideas? I'm already planning to wear a bow tie with the same color as my date's dress.


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  • Nothing more stylish and classy than black tie. I wore red pants to my senior formal instead of black pants with my suit and it definitely drew some attention. But this was two years ago and probably wouldn't be as fashionable now... Google image search some stuff, that's how I got my idea.


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  • We call it prom. I've never heard of leavers day. If you want something sweet get yourself some bright gold parachute pants. Look like mc hammer.


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