Should I or Shouldn't i!?! What signs should I look for? Gentelmen, Help!

I have recently moved to this new country to go to university and I'm all on my own. So there is this guy who is my sister's best friend's ex Boyfriend. We have met before (when my sister used to live in this country) so since I've come here, He has been helping me with different things and he has been hanging around with me and also we went to a few parties together. But the thing is that I don't know if he really likes hanging around with me or he is just doing it because I've got no one else here but him.

I told him that there are some guys who are trying to approach me but I don't like them and he told me I can tell them that he is my Boyfriend so they don't bother.

This saturday there is going to be this huge party that I really wanna go and we have talked about going there before, So I just wanna know if I should wait for him to call me or I should call him myself? ( I mean for going to the party)

also, sometimes (during the week) I text him and ask him how he is and stuff and once we went out after I called him saying I was bored. I mean it's basically me calling him and texting him most of the times.

How can I keep him interested in hanging out with me? He is really a nice guy but he is so nice that I can't read him:p

He avoids touching me. Like we barely shake hands! But I sometimes touch his arm.

I still don't know what to do about the party on saturday. Should I call him about or text him or just wait for him to contact me?


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  • First question, and please forgive my english ;)

    Well, I think you are doing well, you have to know which kind of guy hi is with girls (I mean, a real one-woman guy, a flirter, a flower-to-flower. ). The best way to know this is to asking your sister, but, does she now?

    An important sign is that he has offered himself to pretend being your boyfriend. Almost all of us have tried this with girls we like. It doesn't always mean that, but it is almost never just a "friend offering with no more intentions".

    Pay attention at how he looks other girls and how he looks at you. We all look at girls if they're pretty, and usually it is easy to find if we find them nice. To know If a guy likes you can be really easy:

    First take a look at how he watches girls, he can be one of the straight guys that look without any hiding (or even lustfully), or maybe he is one of these shy guys that die of shame when caught looking.

    Once you have an idea about how "coward" or "valiant" he is when looking at girls, try to find if he looks at you (and how he does it). Looks difficult, but here's a secret: my girl loves to find me watching, so she does this trick of going down to tie her shoes, or start doing something like brushing her hair or looking at herself in a pocket mirror. Anywhere he is around, he will look at you, maybe your hair, maybe your back, maybe your hands. You can act totally absorbed by what you are doing, and he will believe it and "relax" down. If he wants to look, he will do it now.

    I said you need to now how he looks at other girls because it will help you find out what does mean how he looked at you.

    Out of this "looking" thing, I can tell you we are easier to catch that girls are. Just be as pretty and sexy as you use to be and it won't be hard to find out what he thinks of you.

    • I've tried those tricks, He either laughs or smiles when I catch him staring at me. Does that mean anything? Or he is just answering my smiles(i smile when I catch him staring). He is like a brother to me so that's why he made that generous offer

    • Do you think he likes hanging around with me or he is just doing it because I'm alone here?

  • It sounds to me like he likes you in a 'more than a friend' type way. The problem is that you have a good relationship as friends, and he doesn't want to jeopardize that. He would rather have you as a friend and hide his feelings than risk everything and loose you from his life. He won't make a move until he is sure that it is what you want. That is the problem with nice guys, they won't risk upsetting you if they have read the signs wrong, by making a clumsy lunge for you. I think it is going to take you being just a little bit more daring, and letting him know that it is a two way attraction. Maybe by just something simple as giving him a kiss goodnight (on the cheek) something that is more flirtatious but can still be friendly. Take it from a nice guy that has been on the other side, we are really bad at reading the signs, so it will need to be a clear signal, in order for it to progress. Best of luck.

    • His ex is my friend. He avoides talking about her to me, Once he wanned to talk to be about it but he just stopped and said nothing! I wanned to try the kiss goodnight thing but he said buy and left before we even shake hands!

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    • Stick at it. This is the problem when you are both shy. He is probably going through the same thoughts as you. He probably didn't act jealous because he has no right to be, you are not his girl...yet. Your opportunity will happen. Take it!

    • I'm not trying to become his girl, because I don't have that kinda feeling for him yet. My feelings are minor:p I just wanna be intimated with him, But how?

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