Girls, which type of shirts/T-shirts do you like guys to wear? plain, V-neck, polo, logo shirts, or button down shirts? Can you share pics please?

The question is simple as above.
I'm a college guy but I don't know much about fashion :P
Can you give me some good fashion advise?

Thanks ^_^


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  • It's hard to say what you should wear online because your style should reflect your personality and how you are. If you like bands, wear band t-shirts and skinny jeans, if you like the beach you can wear beachy shorts and tank tops. Fashion is trying a lot of things on to find clothes that both look good on you and make you feel good. If you want to tell me a little bit more about you, maybe I can help more...

    • Basically I'm trying to say, it looks best when you stay true to yourself and the style fits your body type. There's not just one t-shirt style that looks best.

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    • They do if you wear them right. :) just try to think about the whole outfit ok. And you'll be fine.

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  • it really depends on your body figure to me...

    plain- every guy can wear a plan shirt
    v-neck- only if your tanner/don't have a lot of chest hair- under no situation should there be a forest poking out. this is my personal opinion lol
    polo- if you're bigger, i suggest to not wear one.
    logo shirts- not sure what you mean by this
    button down- if you're bigger, make sure its flattering and not stretched to far

  • Plain t-shirts look great on all guys. V-necks are okay too, but I personally hate button downs. Not really sure what you mean by logo shirts, if you mean shirts with company names on them, those are fine. If you mean shirts with bad memes and bad jokes on them, those are definitely not fine lmao. And polo shirts look kinda douchey.

  • V- necks are so sexy on most guys as long as you don't have a bunch of chest hair. Omg just plain white or black v necks are so not. My second choice of apparel is polo's. Polo's look good on most guys as long as you don't have a big tummy.

  • Personally I thing logo shirts look good on guys!

  • When a guy goes topless, its sexy.


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