How do I know if a guy is looking at me?

How do you know?

Ok well I don’t think I am very pretty but others seem to and I was wondering one of my guy friends seed that guys are better a hiding the fact that there looking at a girl and how do I know if a guy is looking at me because I am on vacation and there are guys every were and I don't know if there looking


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  • Well, If I look at a girl's eyes repeatedly, then I might be interested.

    But I often look out the window and at my surroundings a lot, so you can't tell.

    Anyways, if a girl catches a guy's eye, he'd repeatedly look at her and then turn back (as if he's caught looking at you). I dunno, cause that's what I do.

    • Ok win you pretend your not looking dues that mean your not interested and she is just in your line of vision or that you don't think she would like you and you don't want her t know you are interested?? This is so confusing. How do I know win the guy is pretending and win he's really not looking??

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    • Oooooo ok thanks

    • "Well, when I turn away, I don't want to her to know that I'm interested. But if I keep looking at a girl I like back and forth, then I'm interested in her. If I wasn't interested in her, I wouldn't keep looking at her back and forth. If I wanted to pretend, then I wouldn't turn my head, I'd just roll my eyes."


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