What are your top products you use to get a clear blemish free complexion?

Guys and girls what you using from.drugstore to high end.

Do you exfoliate.cleanse and.tone then moisturise. What is your every.day.skin.care routine.

I exfoliate then.rinse then use day cream
Also.does.anyone know of a good drugstore brand day cream.for sensitive skin


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  • African black soap, followed by African black soap lotion, and then 100% pure shea butter. They're all totally naturally and great for your skin.

    My rule is that if I can't pronounce an ingredient, it doesn't go on my skin. I also imagine if I had a baby... Would I put this on my baby's skin? If the answer is no then I skip it.


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  • Spoken like a true consumer. A clear blemish free complexion has nothing to do with products. It comes from within through diet and lifestyle choices and being in harmony. My skin becomes smooth and youthful the more I purify my behavior, detoxify my body and open my mind. Save your purse and your body now while you are young and become the envy of everyone. Eventually you will wander down the aisles of the drugstore (Boots) and know you have released their hold on you.


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