What to wear for a sales assistant job interview?

I have a job interview at a high street menswear store tomorrow... I've never had an interview before so I'm really nervous!

just wondering if anyone has any interview tips and also what would be good to wear?

I've got this woolen dress which is quite smart, I was going to wear it with leggings and flats? I'm not sure tho! :) thanks x


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  • i dk about what to wear, cause I'm a guy, but take it from a guy whos had a job for almost a year now

    walk in, like you know what you're doing already, they want to see that even if you don't know what you're doing that you're willing to learn how to do it. kind of like getting relationships, if you show you care about the job (or person) theyre gonna want to hire, or be with you... turn the charm on, as if you were flirting, but don't actually flirt, haha... smile, shake hands, speak up, keep your head held high and answer questions as best you can, the last thing you want to be doing is saying "i don't know"...oh and a word of advice, remember that the job comes first, if hired, they expect you to be able to come in on emergencys etc... if they call you, and you say you're going to a concert, theyre not gonna want to have you around any longer... so if they ask you at the interview, whether you'll be able to have good attendance (even if its lying) go ahead and tell them yes...its something they want to hear

    anything else, you want to know other than clothes, let me know, and ill be glad to help


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  • No leggings! If it's a menswear store, wear nice black high waisted fitted trousers, court heels (not too high or trashy), a fitted sexy shirt with just a hint of cleavage and a bit of character, with some colour? Simple hair, simple makeup. And a big smile. Accessorize simply.

    • I don't have any of that :(

      i only found out yesterday and I haven't had time to buy anything new for it 2day

      hmm... the only skirt I have on mini skirts, haha!

  • Ive had to jobs as sales associates and its always all black attire, at the moment I work at victoria secret and I wear heals to work and belts something that looks both classy and sexy. But it also depends on the store it is, what store is it for and then I could tell you just what to wear?

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