Are there any guys out there who are close with female cousins?

the guy I like is extremely close with his female cousins, they're like buds more than brother-sister...they drink, party, etc and its just new for me to see..because I've always seen cousins as just family typical friends...

and I never met his cousins or anything, but one time I ran into his cousin and she looked at me like she recognized me right away and smiled to herself a was awkward...but do you think he talks about me to them?


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  • well I'm one of those female cousins! me and one of my cousins we are 1.5 years apart in age and only one year in school so it was always me and him best friends. we wrestled around as kids but when we grew up we became very attached he became my best guy friend and one of my top 3 best friends!

    is it normal? yea it is cousins in some families are like brothers and sisters you have this unique bond with them because they are even closer to your friends to you they are actually blood!

    does he talk about you? quite possible my cousins told me and made me meet all of his girl friends or girls he liked or even thought he was cute... I always asked him what did he think about guys I was interested in, they are just very close friends but here's the thing he has a female he can get insights from without you having to worry of them fooling around which the best of 2 worlds really!

    if you need any more help let me know =)

    • Wow thank you! awesome answer..clears up a lot lol =)

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    • Lol wow! haha wells her answer did help me the most so I must do it justice and not be biased! =D your comment helps a lot too thank you! whenever I see my crush's pictures I'm always like why is he so physical with his female cousins?? I get the wrong impression, but I guess its okay! lol

    • Thanks a lot =) glad to help and feel free to msg me if you ever need anything =)

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  • Yes, I am very close with many of my female cousins and are almost like sisters to me. Yes, I would talk to them about a girl I like or something like that. Yes, the guy you like does talk to his cousin about you.

    • Thank you! makes sense =)

  • do you live in Alabama?

  • Me and my cousins(male and female) have always been close. My cousins have always been like my best friends. I have other friends too and other people who are not related to us are always hanging out with us but we have not known each other our entire lives like me and my cousins have. It's weird because it's like we're best friends and also brothers and sisters. Most of us live in the middle of no where and the ones who live in town usually come out for the weekend. So, with all that said, yes, it is very possible that he talks about you to his cousins.


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  • my cousin is my best friend in the world.we're sooo mean to each other she's like my sister

    she calls me fat I call her ugly

    she mispronounces my middle name on purpose and tells me all the time that I'm adopted that I'm actually mexican that my family's lied to me my entire life that they don't really love me.i'd be completely lost without her.

    when she calls me I answer, "thanks for calling whores anonymous how can I help you?"

    or something to that extent

    and if she doesn't answer her phone I leave her rude messages like, "yes this is the dr

    calling you back about your test're going to really sucks to be you.oh your really rad sister back later betch"

    she's even listed as my sister on Facebook.

    i'm closer to her than I am my brother honestly and my brother is like my twin haha

    so it's not abnormal I can understand where you get that idea though because I do have those cousins that I'm glad they live in different states that I can only handle for so long.

    me and christy can get in so much trouble together..and she's 24!she's supposed to be the responsible one hahahahah