How do do you like your wife/gf to dress at home? Girls please give me fashion tips?

I posted a question here a couple of days ago about my sexless marriage.I`m on the verge of giving up and maybe just ask for a divorce.Buuut, I still want to try.Mybe i need to change my looks.I just wear jeans and shirt at home. Most of the times he would see me in pajamas (morning and bedtime when he gets home from work).I`m very simple and plain, but i have a very good hygeine.I shower/toothbrush twice a day (morning and bedtime) I mean, i believe i`m not disgusting at all.We have a baby and it`s really hard to find time for manicure, make up etc.But i guess i should try to improve my looks this time.Guys, please give me an idea how you expect your wife to look like when you come home from work.Ladies, any fashion tips? I am petite 5'2", i have black hair and brown skin if that helps.Thanks <3


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  • I know how having a baby can really make the sexual connect between a couple kind of snap. In our case, my partner lost all her interest in sex, and it was me who had to struggle to get it back on the rails.

    Some things that might help:

    * Try watching p*rn together, this can be quite sensual, specially if the slower party get turned on after awhile (as my partner does). If guy-porn turns you off, watch some porn-for-couples or even porn-for-women (which I find verrry sexy) or simply films with a lot of nudity.

    * In bed, try new sexual positions. It was doggie-style which changed our relationship. After protesting for years about it ("animal-type sex"), she suddenly found that she enjoys it. We particularly both feel great when we do it on one particular bed. Guess it has to do with the matching heights, etc. Probably because of the many rejections, I went through a phase where I just couldn't climax myself. It was terrible. But doggie-style brought back the right sensations and cured this.

    * Give him some sex he won't forget in a hurry. Do the work for a change, instead of waiting for him to initiate and "do the work". Why not offer him a sensual massage? Or just go about giving him one without him even knowing. It can be very relaxing for a guy, specially when he knows he's going to get a happy ending and a pleasurable climax without having to work for it. Use some nice natural oil (like coconut or olive) and see what he enjoys.

    • * As for clothing, if you can manage it (no growup kids and no one else in the house), I'd really like my partner to try sensual dressing. Try lingerie (remember guys are very visual). How about wearing a longish shirt or blouse without anything underneath it when he comes home from work (or wherever) one day, and just give him a dose or oral in the sitting room? Guys like their women to be whores in bed, and angels everywhere else. I don't mean it in a bad sense.

      * Sometimes viginal birth can cause problems. Try Kegels exercises

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    • How did you survive? As for me, i bring all my energy and attention to our baby.I had a strange addiction, i collected baby now that our baby is walking and running.I don`t have any new hobby anymore , so this issue is coming back to my mind again.Maybe i need a new hobby?

    • True. That could help. As for myself, I didn't quite realise what hit me. I immersed myself (subconsciously) in work and career. It helped to shore up my self-worth a bit.

      But the kind of damage that can be done by rejection of a mate hits you real deep. (More so because I never ever rejected her at the start of our relationship, when she wanted sex every day, and I hardly ever enjoyed it then... but we don't do only things we "enjoy", right?)

      To cope, I did two things. Firstly I tried to regain my sexual confidence, by getting to know someone else emotionally. Then, I also became clear in my mind about insisting on a spouse's right to sex say twice a week... Laying down clear expectations helps...

      One needs to get out of hang-ups about asking for sex, or just staking claim to it. (Here, I think talk about fanciful concepts like 'marital rape' or 'begging for sex' can throw one offtrack. Just ask for it, politely but firmly...)

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  • Well im not a pro on fashion but on the sex thing, try to find out what turns him on.
    And dont be subtle about it.

    • Thanks, That`s the hardest part.To figure out what turns him on

    • Well what works for most guys is a striptease, yust look it up on YouTube how its done, and else sneak on his pc and check his history (yh look for the p*rn he watches ) if he does
      Last of all men are biological engineered to be attracted to your boobs and butt.(we can't hel it that we stare at them , SORRY)
      Use them and make him want you ;)

  • Naked

  • it would not matter at all for me. i think she should wear what she want´s to. i´ve read your previous question, so i am quite unsure if it will have any effect at all but did you try playing around with clothing? dress as if you would date a guy. how old is your child? if it´s too young to think about stuff like this you could try dressing provocatively or even slutty. maybe try cooking for him, wearing only an apron... if that doesn´t get him going, i don´t think clothing is the problem at all.

    • I never tried the apron thing, I might look silly, but i guess i`m willing to try that.Thanks

    • i honestly think its not about the clothing or your rational physical attractiveness. i don´t think its his job either, as he claims. i guess you already took your time to try and talk with him about it honestly and without any pressure?

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  • I'm 5'2'' as well :)

    1. his shirt
    2. Apron outfit
    3. Tube top dress (couldn't find the pretty one :( )

  • Completely naked. Lol.


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