What do you think of girls that are trashy and what would you want to do to them? Would you date them (marry them) or just have fun and leave them?

So I was watching the ever entertaining show called "Snog, Marry, or Avoid"- it is where girls that are "interesting" looking (aka trashy) are made over.

Apparently before the makeover, they were put out to the public and the public were asked whether they would kiss them, avoid them or marry them. Of course for the TV shows sake, I think boys were made to say that they would avoid the the trashy looking girl. When the girl is made to look beutiful and classy, the boys would say that they would snog them or marry them.

So now I encourage you boys. Tick your anonymous boxes and answer me honestly.

Would you snog, marry or avoid a girl that is trashy.

Let me give you some pictures to start you off




Or would you rather a girl that is beautiful, classy, dresses cute with minimal makeup?

So, would you snog, marry, or avoid trashy girls?


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  • Avoid. Some guys are into casual sex, hot (the "trashy") women and such. I'm not. I only want relationships and "cute" or "pretty" women. I don't care too much about the makeup. What I do care about is what kind of a person she is. The trashy women probably have lots of casual sex, drink too much, do drugs, make dumb decisions and don't try in life. A classier woman who acts like an adult and isn't an idiot about things is SO much more attractive to me.

    That's just my view. Go ahead and hate it or praise it, whatever.

    • Oh I will praise it to no end!! UPVOTE!!

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  • I'm really only interested in a woman that will be trashy JUST with me. That's what I find appealing and most sexy.

    So yeah, give the beautiful girl with the minimal makeup and the jeans and a t-shirt look who is classy in public and freaky just for me, and I'll be thrilled with that.

  • Trashy works for me. So does classy-hot. When I was young and single trashy girls didn't go for me.

    • You are fiiiiiiiiiiiiine ;)... I would flirt with you but you are married and I have morals. But you look good

    • But we all know flirting is harmless ;)

      Thanks! It takes nothing but the threat of someone training to beat me up to motivate me to maintain my physique ;)

    • HAHAHAHAHAH!! That is adorable!

  • Snog, definitely. Though I gotta wonder where that word came from. Snogging. Snotting. Slotting. Snot. How the heck did that become a word for kissing?

  • even strippers have bf's/gf's. they just like to show off their body, and its easy money. im just sayin'

  • I would fuck all those girls. Dam they're hot!

    I'd marry the nice goody good girls.

  • Interesting, nowhere in the options does it say, "Conversation". Where's the option where I talk to them like a human being and figure out what I think about them as individuals?

    I don't marry people I'm not in a long committed loving relationship with.
    I don't "snog" somebody I'm not very interested in.
    And I don't avoid somebody unless I really dislike them.

    None of those options could be determined on looks alone.

    • Good point. But my conversation WAS based on looks alone. This is mainly because society judges people on looks. Don't say you don't do it.

    • I always make an effort to catch myself ANY time I start to pass a judgment on somebody before I see how they act and what they are about. While I can guess about what these people are about when they dress this way, I can't be sure so I wouldn't pass judgment.

  • I want the trashy girls. haha

    • yeah but would you just snog them, date them or marry them?

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    • I probably am :)

    • Well, if your body's that good, it's kind of a shame to keep it wrapped up. Are you sure you didn't ask this question because you think it might be kinda hot to do what these girls do? Hahaha

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