Does anyone else have problems with their bra straps falling down all the time?

I've been fitted 3 or 4 times at different places and all of them put me in a 32B. The problem is that my bra straps ALWAYS fall down multiple times during the day. I've tightened them pretty tight (borderline being uncomfortable), and they still will eventually slide down.

I think I have really petite rounded shoulders so that might be the reason they fall so much...because they only have an inch or 2 to go, and they seem like they slope down a bit.

I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem with their straps falling down EVERYDAY? I feel like a freak sometimes because I'm always hiking up my straps, and never really notice my friends doing it more than once or twice during the day lol

And please don't tell me my size is wrong, I've tried other sizes too, 30B, 30C, 34A, and all of them fall down.

What would you say is a "normal amount of times" that bra straps fall down on average?

And if you have any suggestions on how to keep them up better or anything, feel free to post or even private message me if you don't want to post in public.



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  • It may depend on the make (brand). Victorias secret has quality stuff and their straps tend to stay but if youve tried that go for a racer back bra:

    the likeliness of those straps moving/falling is slim to none, this is prob gunna be your best bet.

    now obviously you dont want to go buying all new bras, so try a racerback bra clip! this way you can just make any bra into a racerback and it should stay in place. I have these clips and they dont budge once theyre on there properly.


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  • It's alright...just let it happen! It's incredibly cute for some reason to see that exposed shoulder.


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  • i get that a lot too. it depends on the straps. some you have to pull down to tighten...but the damn band gets in the way and you can't pull anymore! so they always fall. i like the ones that you pull up to tighten. there's just more strap to tighten with haha

    plus, most bras nowadays have the clips on the straps to make it into racerbacks. i use that when its really loose.

  • mine never stay up :(

    ...All comfort, support, and no bs

  • All the time

  • Literally the story of my life. Happens to me all day everyday

    • Have you tried tightening the straps? What size are you if i may ask?

    • @someguy1987, even if I tighten the straps it still happens! I'm a size 36D

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