Will wash in wash out dye stop my hair going green?

So I used to be bleach blonde but then I died my hair brown, I wear bonded hair Extentions but recently had them out and don't have them put back in for a week, so I've found my Extentions I used to wear which are obviously still blonde, to stop them going green when I die them I've put wash in wash out reddy/ ginger colour on them that's supposed to come out on your next wash but stains the hair a little leaving it in a good few washes longer always leaving behind a bit of a stained effect... Anyways, will this stop them going green or do I have to put proper red die on it?


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  • I've not had a lot of use of wash in and out dye but from experience of friends who use it, it's never as simple as wash in wash out, ie tends to stay there.

    Shouldn't turn them green though...


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