Every girl says that I look like a California Guy?

I'm originally from Kansas, and have heard the term before, but I'm not one to dress preppy, or anything of the sort. So, I'm pretty sure that it isn't the idea of clothes causing people to make the statement. That I look like a California Guy.
However, I get the described as one quit a bit, and I'm wondering as to what women classify, and describe California Guys as being? Also, is this a good thing?


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  • Well, I live in California and yeah many guys dress preppy, casual, like tanks, shorts, flip flops, oh yeah and a lot of guys act like they have "SWAG" ..Lol. Mostly it's shorts and tank tops because, it is almost always HOT! & yah it can be a good thing, because there are many attractive California guys ;) I also noticed a lot of guys here hairstyles are looking like Supermans... which I think is cute! & you can Google it like @BertMacklinFBI said :p

    • It can possibly be the clothing

    • I think you're right towards the looks part of it. I of course can dress the part, but since I don't normally do so. It sounds like it could possibly be both physical appearance and clothing styles.

    • Yes. I think so also. So , no it's not a bad thing :)

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  • you can google image search California guys style and compare yourself to the pictures.


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  • I don't know. People tend to generalize a lot. I wouldn't worry about it too much.


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