Will blonde hair make me look older?

I'm 18 and a lot of times people mistake me for being much younger. Next week I'm getting my hair professionally done and i was wondering if getting blonde hair would make me appear more my age. I think i look young because I'm small and i have big eyes. My skin is pretty light (but i recently got a tan at the beach) and my hair is kind of a dull brown. Do you think getting a honey toned hair would make me appear more put together and mature?


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  • I am sorry, but blonde hair will probably make you look even younger. I'd suggest you to stop worrying about looking young. It will be a huge benefit when you'll get older.
    If you really want to look older, you should try wearing more conservative clothes.

  • I deal with this everyday, People say I look like im 15, but im actually 19. I tried dying my hair, made me look younger. I would not worry about it too much. My younger sister looks older than me and is so much taller than me. But I've gotten comfortable with the fact of looking young. I know when I get older, I will still look young ! If you want to do it I say go for it, but don't do it because you want to try to look older.


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