How to buy whole new wardrobe ?

I'm dressing casual right now but decided to change it into formal.
And don't have a lot of money to buy many stuffs at once but can do it during a year.
For start have enough money to buy a pair of pants a shirt a suit a pair of shoes and stuffs like tie and watch and glasses.
How to start and what kinds and colors to buy?


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  • Oh man that's a tough one.

    I have to dress formally for my job.

    If you're just starting out, buy shoes/watches/ties in generic colors, like black. It lets you wear those items with all sorts of different things.

    Slacks and khakis can often be bought at a second hand store for cheap. The whole key with second hand stores is to go often. That being said, it's hard to find decent shirts at a second hand store (I've never been able to).

    Also, buy a tie clip. Chics love tie clips. Don't ask me why.


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