Needing ideas for Date attire?

It has been like...NEVER...since I've dated - long story - lol, but I have been struggling with what to wear, and when! Heels, no heels ( this one is a little easier of course but still) Dress/skirt, or jeans, Accessories, etc. There seem to be so many "rules" for everything...for every occasion...and if you don't "follow" them you end up being judged in a way that might not be accurate by your! It would be *awesome* if you could give me some ideas, even links maybe? for the type of date and outfit idea - keep in mind my age range lol as well as the fact that I'm not tiny by any means =/ Let me know if you want a picture linked for body type and I will oblige.

Yes I'm Definitely not trying to appear as anything other than me ;) I just have never really been on many dates...and I worry about dressing up Too much, or too little essentially.


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  • most guys won't even notice. you can shop at good will, plato's closet or forever 21 and still look the same to us. grab some high heels, skin tight jeans and a blouse. end of story.


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  • Think about what everyone will be wearing at the place you are going to. Like the movies for example. Then try to one up it. People at the movies where jeans and t-shirts. It's casual. So you should still looks casual but pick one of your fancier shirts for example and light make up. If you have a certain place you are going to, I would happily help.