What kind of hair do you like on girls?

I'm thinking of cutting my hair short again, to my chin about, just short enough that I can't pull it up into a ponytail, but long enough to not look like a boy.
Should I? Or do guys like longer hair? My hair is past my shoulders, and naturally wavy.

For styling- do guys like hair pulled up or do they like it down? Do they even notice? What if I had cute clips or a headband? :) I might see my crush tomorrow haha

I only ask because guys will mention my hair sometimes so I know they notice once in awhile...

Thank you!

P.s. For reference, my hair is dark and wavy and I have bangs that I push to the side or clip up.
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  • It is not the length that matters. If your hairstyle is something that you want to use to attract a guy, the best thing to do is to find a really good stylist that can work with you to find a current look that works well with your face. It's not about color, length, texture, or straightness. It's about a style that brings out the best features of your face. Oh, and if the look doesn't end up working well, guess what, hair grows back, and you can try something else!

    • Thanks for saying this! I've learned that my hair looks it's best when it's short, but people keep telling me it's a general thing that long hair is better. I like what you said. :)

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  • Nooooo. Don't cut it. Guys love long hair. Grow it a bit longer. I'm confident that, if you cut it, fewer guys will hit on you.


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