Nonverbal signs men show when they're attracted to a girl?

In a college atmosphere.

Do all guys...

make sure they leave the classroom at the same time as you?

walk the same direction as you?

park near your car?

My crush doesn't do all those. During a 7 month period, I only caught him looking at me more than 8 times and smile when we're alone in the hall.


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  • Mademoiselle,

    Be careful you don't have a stalker, rather than a crush. When I was your age, if I liked a Miss, I would show her in some kind way - but I would always give her plenty of room to recognize me as a gentleman. A smile is okay, a note and some flowers perhaps, but parking near your car, or following a Lady to her car. No, no. Especially not in today's world.

    Now, it is true, that my Mademouselling days are over (I am a happily married man, with two wonderful, healthy girls), but I tell you I would not ever approach a woman where she parks, where she lives, or her place of business.

    A gentleman always show a lady, firstly that he means her no harm, and if there is more to be said, that secondly, that he is able to protect her and provide for her.

    • You're right. If he did follow me everywhere, it would seem stalker-ish. Most say that guys would always want to be around their crush, therefore, I assumed they would follow me everywhere.

  • I'm in college and if I like a girl I don't leave class at the same time, I don't walk the same direction or park near her car. So if he doesn't do all of those things don't worry too much about it, and if you have caught him looking at you then it is possible he is attracted to you.

    • I'm glad to hear that. Although he has given me nonverbal signs, I doubt by now he would make a move (talk to me).

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