What shall he wear!?

hey, guys, and girls.

i have a 14 year old son quite hairy, and thin)

he don't look good with watches and my main style is urban layers (so, he wears a long sleeve (black or white) shirt below an urban short sleeve shirt, and he raises the sleeves of his 1st layer just below his elbow. he also wears jeans.

NOW, summer is here, and a change of style is needed.

he am fit, and healthy, and not anarexic, he just have an overly fast metabolism. So he usually eats the most (if he eats fast food he gets like 6 pieces of pizza, or 3 burgers) but he never gains weight, he weighs about 118 pounds/ 53 kgs, and most of them is muscle (abs and whatnot).

as I said before, he is hairy, so shorts for him is TOUGH!, and wearing short sleeves is even tough.

guys and girls, please help me choose something for my son, he gotta change, and we're traveling to a hot place in about 3 weeks, I got more jeans for him 2day(2 new pairs) but he will use them after summer in the fall or spring, but now, I'm outta options, any help or advice would be MUCH appreciated thank you. :D.

Oh, and I live in Canada, so if you know any stores that might help, go ahead, and explain a style please.


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  • You're under 18 and have a 14 year old son? Surrrre. ;)

    Maybe just a graphic tee:


    Or a plain shirt:



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  • I'm guessing you didn't realize that even if you ask anonymously, you're age still shows.

    Anyways, at age 14, kids still don't know what's up or down with fashion. I know I didn't. But after a few years in high school, you'll start to see what other people dress like and how some things can make a person look so dumb while others look pretty cool. I also used to be really skinny (5'9" 135 lbs) my freshman year so I see how it's hard to figure out a style, but at least you're not fat, right? So basically, check out some Slim Straight Levi's ( link ) and some Asic's Onitsuka Tigers ( link ). For shirts, it really is up to you and what you like. I would prefer to wear brand and novelty tees, but band t-shirts are cool, too. the only thing with band shirts is that the whole style is going out the window as more people follow the trend. So... try and stay ahead of what's cool. Don't ever ask other people what's in fashion because by the time your friends are wearing it, it out of style.

    • Ok, fine, I just thought I set my age differently....

      ok I messed up, but back to topic

      ya, I got 2 relaxed fit jeans today, they fit pretty well, its just T-shirts and other summer apparel I'm only conceredned about the summer part of it.

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    • I wasn't expecting you to go buy the stuff I linked, I just put them up for style ideas.

    • Oh kk :D