Can't find any shoes/heels that fit my feet?

i know i'm not the only one out there.

i need to find heels/wedges or even sandals to wear but i've been cursed with wide feet. it's awful.
i'll see nice shoes, go to try them on and they don't even go past my toes even if i size up.

is there such thing as spanx for your feet? haha
what stores would you recommend me trying?

help a girl out would ya?


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  • Ugh, I feel your pain. I have very flat feet, so like 90% of shoes don't feel right out of the box.

    You need some custom orthotics/insoles. They allow you to wear almost any pair of shoes.


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  • " they don't even go past my toes even if i size up..."

    Try a local blacksmith for some fitted, bespoke, long-wearing, iron shoes.


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