My hair is colored terribly should I go back to the salon?

They highlighted my brown hair using the foiling technique. I came in around 3pm they said it was no problem and a guy started doing my hair at the back of my head... but he went very slow only around 16h30 all the foils were in. Then he started coloring the hair in between the foils but he was too slow so an assistant helped they were both coloring a different side of my head, but I felt one was using a lot more dye. The saloon used to close at 6pm, so in a hurry they got the foils out and brushed my hair. In the saloon it looked okay but when I inspected it at home I noticed the hair at the back of my head are nearly white and there is a difference between my left and right side... :(

=> it looks terrible! I payed 150€ (over200$) just for coloring, should I go back and ask if they can do something about it? Should they do it for free?


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  • My mom always complains about hairdressers messing up her hair, and my sister is a hairdresser that specializes in coloring.

    In all honesty, I think you need to talk to your friends and find a good hairdresser. If they messed it up the first time, the odds of them fixing it correctly are slim. Hairdressers are usually in high demand though if they're good.


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  • I just saw this... Go back to where they messed up your hair and DEMAND your , money back... Walk OUT with your 200 dollars that They ripped you off on, and Find ASAP a reputable salon to fix and fuss with your hair. You will be glad you did, sweetie...
    Good luck. xx


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