Can you see me as model material?

Trying to explore modeling. But I am always hard on myself so I can't rate myself. From the picture, can you see me as model material? There is a certain look that all models have. It's like a look in their eyes. Its hard to describe but I'm still working on facial expressions and posing and all that. Not perfect yet. But my question is. After seeing the picture, can you picture me as doing modeling? I am trying to get rid of that regular joe blow image.


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  • Bro, you definitely have potential to be a model.
    Few body tips. You desperately need to develop your traps. You also need more definition in your bicep/tricep and shoulders.

    Good luck!


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  • Yeah dude, if anything you can improve yourself by working on your traps, that would help you a lot. But you're good as you are.

    • right. that is definitely something I am working on right now. Working on bulking a bit (gain more mass) and then going to go into a cutting phase so have the shredded look. Thanks for the constructive criticism bud, appreciate it.

    • No problem. If you're gonna start bulking, I highly recommend you include the overhead press in your workouts. It hits the traps pretty good as well as most of your upper body. It's a great compound exercise.

  • Well, yur totally ripped and have a good face so yeah


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