Suit jacket and designer jeans?

one of my favorite singers, has the fashion of a suit jacket with designer jeans. my dad says its from the 80's.

my questions are:

is it really from the 80's?


do you like it?


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  • Yes :) haha this style is amazing on guys! (and really... everything will eventually come back in fashion so no doubt it's an old style)... and to be honest... very few people will know if the jeans are designer or not (so don't get hung up on spending big money on jeans unless you really like them) :)


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  • Any previous fashion can easily be made modern...

    Designer jeans? not so much...i'm more of a casual type of girl, but a suit jacket and jeans...I could see that as being very cute.

  • Yeah its 80s and I like it. I like guys that wear that

    • Can all guys pull it off, or just certain guys?, and how do you know if you can?

    • Um it depends on the person but if you are confident in what you wear and it fits you you will probably pull it off.

  • I love it. My favorite musician right now is into that style and he's not from the 80's. It probably was around in the 80's and it's still around now, but I still think it looks good.

    • I wonder if we like the same singer?

      is the one you like...howard jones of killswitch engage?

    • No he's Charlie Simpson of Fightstar. Jones is good though too.

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