Question for girls on fit of button down shirts on guys?

so i have a polo oxford button down shirt. it looks weird to me worn untucked. but thats how i prefer wearing it. it has a weird shape like it curves in then curves out at the bottom so looks weird. do these shirts look okay to you? also notice how the shirt at the top where the button is unbuttoned doesn't make much of a v shape to show some chest. is this too formal? i like to have the v shape from button down that i can't get with polo button downs. is it okay if i unbutton another one? 3 including top button. thanks!

(you can see how they look by typing in polo rlaph lauren oxford shirt in google imagesi can't post links. )


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  • It looks pretty good to me!

    • but for a button up wouldn t it look better if it had a little v so that it looks more comfortable and loose and show some chest?

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