Question about sunglasses fit on face?

for aviators and wayfarers would you say the sunglasses are too small for my face if the widest part of my face is wider a little bit than my sunglasses?


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  • If your face is bigger then the glasses then yeah, they're too small

    • well the part of my face that s covered by the sunglasses is not smaller than the sunglases but my cheecks are a little bit wider than the sunglasses. is that too small? 'm looking at ray ban aviators and 58's are a little small (explained above) while 62 is huge

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  • The chick there took care of everything. You can adjust them a lot in the store.

    • what do u mean adjust? for ray ban 58 s not wide enough and 62 s too wide for me. u can't really adjust the width of the sunglasses itself. i'm not talking about the nosebrige

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