What do women really look for in a guy?

I am a little chubby and am not bad looking. I do date sometimes. Nothing too seriously though. I have a good amount of friends and some very close ones. It just strikes me odd I'm here to pick up the pieces (shoulder to cry on) 98% of the time even though I'm a nice dependable guy that firmly believes in male chivalry.


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  • Ok, by the sounds o things you are like the guy they trust when females have problems, many woman like different things like I went through a stage where I loved the bad guys, like boy racers etc and ALWAYS got hurt... And now I love the kindest and caring guys that are always there for you. I have just come out of a serious relationship about 6 weeks ago and now we sorta getting along again...

    So don't leave yourself wondering its just that different girls like different things

    i hope this has helped

    • I like that answer. Thank you.

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  • You answered mine, so I'm answering yours. I find that most of the guys who have great potential as boyfriends are always the ones who I'm closest friends with. That makes me go to them all the time with my relationship problems and they would always help me out. I can't develop a romantic feeling towards them because we're already such good friends. Different women look for different things in a man. The most basic things could be

    1) their vibe - this is so important - different girls dig different vibes - for example, a fun, sweet, cool vibe vs. a tough, jock vibe

    2) being able to carry on a conversation

    3) not pretending to be someone they're not - really obvious when guys do this and is a huge turn off

    4) their qualities - talents, interests, hobbies, education, etc.

    5) of course every girl still judges the guy by first impression, so no matter how deep we are, we still prefer a guy that we consider good looking. However if she likes your personality, that wouldn't matter because she'd automatically think you're good looking.

    Chivalry is great, but every girl is different and some girls always go for the bad boy for some reason. It's because girls tend to want to work for a guy, and when we get him easily, we don't treasure it as much. But that depends on the girl. Hope this helped.

    • Thanks for the reply quiz.... Thing... Anyway I don't pretend to be what I'm not and pretty much I do all that stuff. Also the vibe. Mine is really laid back but still cares and knows stuff. I don't know what that qualifies. For the most part I've given up caring though. Women come along great but I'm fine without one. Which all things considered is probably the best way to be

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