Do girls like guys who dress metal?

I recently go a new gf and she recently asked me to dress different. im a metal guy that dresses in black, i wear a mjolnir a couple of rings and a chain wallet. I've always dressed like this and like it. should I change it up for her or just say no.


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  • I don't understand people who tie their sense of identity into their dress. But I do understand what it means to tie your identity to something. So why not dress?

    If you really think this is an identity issue for you, then you need to explore that. Maybe you'll change and you'll like something else. I know I use to be a kid and a young teen, I tied my identity to my "scepticism". I was arrogant and unbearable. xD
    But once I grew a little, I humbled myself and explored other ways of thinking and observing the world. I realised that my attitude is not my identity and that I don't need to maintain this arrogant, dismissive persona in order to feel like I am me.

    The point is, you may have attached to something that is meaningless, which will cause you to miss out on something else that could have had meaning.

    If it's just habit and just something you like wearing. I also see no point in not trying something new. All this just to see how you like it. If you don't, you go back to what you like. Nothing to do with her. It's not your problem if she disagrees.

    It's one thing to question your sense of identity and to explore and reinvent yourself into something new you might enjoy. I suggest this you always give this a try.

    It's a whole other thing to be blackmailed into wearing and doing stuff you don't like. If you can't like it, don't let her force it on you. You'll only resent her more and more as time passes. Walk away now.

    • I do like your idea of being different, I guess im worried she's trying to change me. but yea I don't want to be mad at her

    • Oh so the Enneargam 4 type of deal... =p Or a sexual 2. xD I'm sorry, these terms are a lot of googling, but I've just discovered them so you might want to check it out.
      Do you think you are different without your dress? Do you think it's what makes you different?
      Maybe if you got rid of it, you would be forced to express yourself more to verbally show how different you are. This could cause better relationships with other people. =)

      Again, I'm not saying "Change for her!", I'm saying "Check it out for a while, see if you like it. Not for her, but mainly for yourself. It's important to question things we relate our identity to. Even if that identity is to "stand out".

    • I guess, I've always dressed like this, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try something different. she was fine yesterday so I don't know

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  • i used to like that

  • You should dress the way you want to dress, it isn't up to anybody else to tell you what to wear. I wouldn't expect any boyfriend of mine to change his whole style for my benefit. Obviously if you're going to anything formal or a job or meeting her parents or whatever I could understand smartening up a little but other than that I wouldn't really have a problem with a guy wearing that kind of stuff. It seems to be a big part of who you are and what you like, if she didn't like that about you perhaps she shouldn't have started dating you :)

    • that's what I said, she knows what I am. I don't feel like I need to change because of her. thanks

  • Be who you are.
    I personally don't like it and I don't blame your girl. But at the end of the day, it's your body and your life. You need to make yourself happy, no one else

  • Yes I like it. But it really depends

  • No, they are stuck in a phase of their own.

  • i totally agree with Willow4


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  • Just dress how you want to dress man. I just dress whatever I feel comfortable in. I wear basketball shorts and either graphic tees or dry fit t-shirts most of the time. You don't have to wear chain wallets and spiked chain bracelets to like metal music. I like some metal and some post hardcore and metalcore and stuff but I don't dress that way!

    • appreciate it man, yea sometimes too much is not good too.

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