A bulge whenever wearing shorts, don't know what to do?

So recently I went shopping with my sister to help me pick out some shorts for the summer and my sister pointed out that my man junk seems to stick out quite well with pretty much every pair of shorts I tried on, and it is not something she's ever seen with her husband. So I guess my question is if this is something I need to hide and forever have a problem with finding shorts that hide my stuff? Or is this something that I'm supposed to use to my advantage? I honestly don't know whether this is something to be proud or embarrassed of. Any advice whether how to fix my problem would be greatly appreciated.

Also just for clarification when I say bulge I don't mean when I'm excited just in general it looks like I got something I can't cover up.
I guess I should mention that I wear boxers as I find briefs uncomfortable and out of the question haha


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  • My fashion advice would be wear looser shorts. Also, buy some t-shirts of singlets that cover it slightly so less attention is given to that area. These shirts should be more eye catching then the shorts so people's eyes are drawn towards the shirts and not bright shorts + the bulge.

    You shouldn't be so worried about it, many guys try to make their 'bulge' look as big as possible. You don't even need to put any effort in to do that!

    Now go shopping!


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  • wear tight underwear underneath? or if you dont really care just do nothing i mean who cares what people think if your comfortable?

  • Haha sorry I can't help but laugh a little :P Some people will automatically think you have a boner. But people who are around you all the time and know that you have a bulge all the time will figure out that you just have huge junk. Some girls might even start fantasizing about you because of it :P So don't be embarrassed, be proud!


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