What is orange is the new black about?

Is it good? I want to start watching it but i dont want to be disappointed


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  • It's good. It's about lots of scissoring.

    • Me too! I finished season 2 in like three days. It would have been less than that but I got busy with work and life...Haha! I don't want to wait for the next season:( I need to know what happens next!!

    • OMG, So great! I was beyond happy when that happened to Vee, she deserved it though, I hated her. I can't wait to see what happens with Alex now. Haha!

    • Yes, I believe so. My favorite character has to be Piper. I don't know, she's the main character but it was interesting to see her character development and how different she is now compared to season 1. But you know what, I also liked Crazy Eyes, I just think she's funny and also...crazy, obviously. Lol And It was really cool to see the flashback to her childhood.

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  • It's an awesome show! It's just about a girl who gets mixed up with some bad people and ends up in jail. The whole show features her in this low security prison and the people she meets inside and all of their lives. It's so interesting. Probably my favorite show. I already finished season two and that just came out last week. I don't want to wait another year for season three:( But anyway, I would definitely recommend watching it!


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