Gorgeous, Attractive, Pretty, Revealing, Slutty, Down Right Whorish?

I never understand how one girl can where an alfit and say they look good but when one of there own girlfriend wear something almost simlor they say she looks slutty or provocative. I know it has to do a lot with jealously but it doesn't make any sense to me. At what point do girls go from Supper Models to Street Walker by wearing revealing clothes


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  • I agree that it probably is jealousy more often than not. Another factor to consider though is body type in relation to certain outfits. A girl with a "hourglass" figure will look dramatically different in the same outfit her "petite" friend will wear. As silly as it may sound, the body wearing the clothes can make it look either 'super model' or 'street walker'.

    • Ok thats a good point too. But I ment at what point is too much skin

    • Like just gave the other a good exp lets say there are 2 girls around the same hight and weight and there both wearing button down shirt for work but one girl has 1 button undone but the other girl has 3 button undone but there showing the same amount of skin. The girl who has 1 button undone will call the other one a slut cause she has 3 button undone but there showing the same amount of skin

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  • If you mean by bfs thinking this of their girl, then I think its a protective thing. They dont want people seeing what is theirs.
    My bf doesn't care if other girls dress slutty, cause he doesn't care about them. He cares about me and only wants my body for his eyes.

    • Thats cool but that's not what I was talking about. I was talking about 2 girls that are of similar hight and weight ware almost the same alfit lets say a button down shirt but one got one button undone but the other girls got 3 button on undone but there show almost the same amount of skin. The girl thats got one button undone will call the girl who's got 3 button ondone a slut just cause she got more button undone then the other girl

    • No he's not and I suppose I misunderstood the question lol

  • It depends if it's it revealing they could be confused with a prostitute


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