Dark blue hair or light blue hair?

Okay, so I'm Asian. I want to dye my hair either dark blue or light blue, or dark blue with light blue hairlights? I don't know, because I've never dyed my hair. I have jet black hair (it's an Asian thing), but I do not have slanted eyes, I'm pretty sure my face is a heart or diamond shaped, I have full lips, I mean like Angelina Jolie full lips lmao. But my skin tone isn't as fair as the Japanese of Koreans, more of tan-ish (race thing haha). You could also insert some colours you'd think that would suit me, that'd be helpful ;)


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  • that jet back hair is so cute though. haha. anyways are you thinking of going full on? or streaks? or highlights?

    • I guess so, hiding in dark corners makes it so much easier lol. I was thinking of going full on hehe

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    • Lmao haha.Yeah, I think i'll go with light blue ;)

    • but make it light! I think it'll look better lighter not too dark:D

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  • Maybe a blue ombre? Like dark blue top and light blue tips...that way when your roots start growing in, they won't be as noticeable and you won't have to re-dye your hair as quickly! But I think you should start with the dark blue either way, since it is closer to your natural color and since this is the first time you're dying your hair.


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  • Can you post some examples of light and dark blue that you're talking about?
    I get very different results when searching for images.


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