Celebrity Wardrobe Mishaps can they be real?

Hey Girls I was just sitting at work today and watching some celebrity wardrobe mishap today and started thinking that most of the video hafe to be fake and that these girls are doing it to get attention to them selves. So my question to you girls is there some truth to these wardrobe malfunction and if they are real have they happened to you or someone you know ( For an exp swim in the ocean and loseing your bikini top or having your button pop of your shirt cause you got the back of it caught in the door) or is this all bull shit and play for attention


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  • I'm sure sometimes it's on purpose but then sometimes it's not. Especially with dresses wouldn't wear everyday they may not fit that well and they slide up or down without you noticing.
    Like this one, I'm sure many girls can relate to. Just that when you're going to a big event you don't care about your bra being visible so you wear one

    Skirts that fit well while you're standing but when you start walking move up and become to short are another common example. Or lose skirts that get blown up by the wind are things I'm sure every girl knows
    https://assets-s3. usmagazine. com/uploads/assets/photo_galleries/regular_galleries/2308-celebrity-wardrobe-malfunctions-marilyn-monroe-moments/photos/1383934945_marilyn-moments-640. jpg

    Sitting down in them isn't always easy either. People get to see your panties if you're not super careful with tight skirts. Shortish skirts really aren't made for sitting.
    https://shame-full. com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/celebrity-wardrobe-malfunctions-photos-02. jpg
    The only thing worse than that is getting out of a car. I'm glad no one is looking when I do that

    Bikini tops these days are also tricky. They don't provide any support and they don't stick to you that well. Forget actually jumping into the pool. Those things don't say. If you make a strong stroke or the ocean is wavy it can easily happen that they move above your boobs. I'm sure most people would notice, but it's not always obvious, you don't usually feel it when something is showing. It happened to me before that I didn't notice, just no one was taking a picture of it


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  • Of course they're not mishaps, they're intentionally done to get more media coverage and raise their profile.

    • But do you think it could really happen to someone and has it ever happened to you or someone you know

    • Yes, but it would be maybe a bra strap or part of some other garment that would be seen (undergarment), but not full frontal or a nipple... that doesn't seem plausible... If you're a respectable person, ad least.

    • Ok that what I thought

  • Idk, most of them usually look like they were accidents but I think there's a pretty low chance of some of them happening. There are other one that look more realistic, I don't know like a skirt blowing up in the wind, but I'm not sure.


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