My friend dresses so badly is there anyway I can help her without her noticing?

Sometimes it's so bad I just want to hide when we go out. She's so lovely and a great friend but I just feel she isn't aware how she looks. I sound so superficial but yeah I get embarassed sometimes.


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  • It depends, what do you mean by badly?

    • Like tacky. I know she has nice clothes because she wears them occasionally.

    • Well she might honestly think she looks good and just have a different style than you. But if you wanna get her to dress different I agree you should take her shopping and suggest stuff and tell her how good it looks on her

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  • Go shopping with her, pick something out, and do the "This would look so great on you!" thing. When she tries it on, tell her how amazing she looks in it. When she's out wearing the type of clothes you think look good on her, reinforce the idea that "Those pants look so good on you!" when you meet and pull out a "That guy was totally checking you out!" every so often.

  • buy something which looks nice on her , or look into your inventory and take it with you when you go with her. ask her to wear this as it looks nice on her. if she refuses, tell her that a guy told you that she looks nice in the jacket you bought for her.

    if she asks who was that guy, say it was a random one on a street.

  • nope not a damn thing you can do.. sorry ):
    just let her be her and you be you...


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  • you can make suggestions and ask her to go shopping with her


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