What might a 19-20 year old girl be looking for in a boyfriend?

was trying to think of this earlier but not being a girl wasn't able to come up with much solid , any girls care to fill in the blanks here what are you looking for in a boyfriend if your around that age ?

was asing this cause I like a girl who is this age but I'm a bit older so I'm totally lost as to what she's looking for or how I can try and fit into her life at the moment .


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  • when I was 19 I was just looking for some interesting, funny, and exciting... excitement was the most important thing though, someone that could introduce me to new things, and could keep my on the go.

  • a guy with a good sense of humor.nice.caring.HONEST.know how to have fun but,at the same time,has ambition for his future career...but every girl has their own likes..hope this helps:)


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