Guys complain sometimes when a girl calls them cute.

but guys call me cute,

is it a cute girl a good thing or not?

cute, hot, fit, sexy... what's the best?

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  • haha my friends actually had this discussion when one of our friends gfs was hanging out with us. she brought it up so here's how we figured it:

    cute-personality and her face and is a good compliment to tell a girl

    hot-purely just about her body and isn't that good of a compliment but still one a girl wants to hear

    sexy-basically the same as hot and has the same significance

    pretty-talking about her face and isn't a good compliment at all because it can be said about your sister or cousin too.

    gorgeous- guys mainly say this when they're trying to over emphasize a girl's attractiveness but they do hopefully feel the girl is actually gorgeous and they're not just saying it which happens alot. because it sometime is fake we just said it was an okay compliment.

    beautiful-we said beautiful was the best compliment on looks because its simple yet its always true. guy's don't usually say it when they're trying to fake it they say it when they look at you and the first thing that goes through their mind is, wow she's beautiful.


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  • Being called a cute girl is a good thing. Almost always is if you ask me. Unless you are trying to pull off some macho looks and are clearly trying to look masculine, having cute said to you most likely won't run well. :P :)

    Guys go after different personalities.

    I would say that depending on the word used, it determines how you are sought after and by what type of guy looking for what type of girl.

    Cute- most likely used by a guy who feels you have a great personality, spunkiness, or general things that set you apart from other girls and makes you a really fun person to be around.

    Hot- most likely used by some dude who wants nothing to do except look at your good looking body and holler at it like its some kind of item. Might be a compliment to you if that is what your looking for. It can also mean that the guy thinks you look really really good, not just good such as pretty...

    Pretty- An all around nice word to say to a person that doesn't attach extra meaning to it. Like someone previously said, you could use this word to say that your cousin is pretty or good looking, etc. The guy could also say it to a girl to be curteous and show respect without the love factor etc. Same with girls saying to other girls "You look pretty today." etc.

    Sexy- Most likely used by a guy to show that a girl does not only look hot, but is much more so making it obvious, that she is the one you would want to get intimate with or kinky, etc...

    Fit- WTH? People use that to describe others? Wow.. Yea. I don't know what to say besides that a girl knows how to get your excercise and daily vitamins in. I don't know... :P

    For other fairly good definitions I agree with, look at the dude below me's answer.

  • All of those terms are meant to be complimentary. I would never be offended by being called any one of them.

  • If you get called hot, fit or sexy that would kind of hint at a more physical/sexual attraction more than anything else. I think my girlfriend is cute and that's the best thing cos it means young and pretty and I love that


What Girls Said 5

  • I think cute generally involves a girl's looks and personality.

    Pretty is looks.

    Hot, fit, and sexy are all just about her body.

    ...but what do I know lol

    Of all of those, I would rather be cute.

  • cute is what I aim for :)

  • I'd say that the best would be either beautiful or gorgeous because if a guy calls you cute he might mean cute but not cute enough to date and if they say sexy or hot then your looks might be all they think about and getting some, my boyfriend calls me beautiful or gorgeous and I love it.

    • I forgot about those compliments.

      i love being called them too hhaa. :) because its usually when a guy loves you

    • Right, exactly. That means they really care about you. =]

  • I think gorgeous is the best thing to be called, but I would not be offended if someone told me I was one of the ones on the list.

  • the best thing to be called is beautiful.