Prom shoes matching please help!

Basically got prom next Friday and my dress is black with bust area filled with silverish nd goldish stone work an rest is plain! So I was wondering can I wear nude colored heels with it ! Basically they are nude with silver shiney thing on them ! I mean will it look okay and also! I'm 5"5 can I wear 6 inch heels I mean will it look okay! Or will I look lanky! Tar ! X thanks


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  • I think it would look lovely. Black goes with basically everything and the fact that bits are matching anyway is lovely. You'll look tall because you'll be around 6'1 in heels, but that really doesn't matter. Aw, I hope you enjoy x

    • OMG thank you! This really helped. Was really confused about nude nd black going to together! X

    • No worries x

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  • Yes you probably can. Though I wouldn't recommend heels that tall. You'll be taller than most of the guys and you'll end up taking your heels off 5 minutes into the dance.

    • Thank you! Will keep in mind bout heels! X

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